If in doubt, please consult your installation engineer in the first instance and abide by the following safety instructions.

The roller garage door does not fully close or starts to close and re-opens

Check the guides or opening for obstructions. Check the batteries in the safety edge transmitter – if they need replacing use 2 x AA 3.6v (not the standard AA 1.6v). Contact your installation engineer.

Remote Control/Hand Transmitter is not working

Check and replace batteries carefully. Batteries are Lithium CR2032 3v.

Interference from visible damage

When the curtain is damaged or has damaged parts (e.g. by a collision or attempted burglary)
it can create issues when opening and closing.  Always contact your installation engineer to discuss the damage.

Unusual sounds when moving the shutter

Please contact your engineer for diagnosis.

The shutter has dropped suddenly

Turn off the electrical supply. Do not operate the shutter until it is inspected by a trained installation engineer.

Door closes but then starts to open again

Ensure the floor is clear of obstructions or debris/dust and check that the safety edge hasn’t been damaged.

Control System Troubleshooting

Please refer to the Control System Manufacturer
Installers Manual.

No power to the door

You may have a power cut. Check power to the control unit.

The door opens but does not close

Batteries in the safety edge need replacing.

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