Your new Roller Garage Door is designed to be virtually maintenance free.

Over time, your roller garage door may start to look like the photos below. You may notice cobwebs, bird excrement and dust particles, particularly along the bottom where rain can potentially bounce up on to the surface of the curtain.

It is very important to make sure you clean away the cobwebs, dirt and anything stuck to the curtain, as this could damage or mark the paintwork.

If there is anything stuck to the outside face, it then wraps up and could rub against the inside curtain face too.

However, it doesn’t take long to clean your door and we have some handy hints below to help you keep your roller garage door in pristine condition.

Euroll UK Roller Garage Door Care Guide Example

How to clean your roller garage door

Before You Start:

  1. Ensure that the power supply is isolated/switched off before cleaning or maintaining your roller garage door.
  2. Do not wash your roller garage door curtain in bright/strong sunlight or in freezing temperatures. 
  3. Make sure your roller garage door is in the fully closed position, to avoid water coming in to contact with the motor or control panel.
  4. Carefully wipe the inside curtain face with a clean lint free duster or soft cloth. 
  5. Never use a jet washer or abrasive cleaning products or abrasive pads/cloths to clean your door.
  6. Clean your garage door approximately once a month or as and when you think it needs cleaning. This depends on the immediate environment around the garage door and how protected it is from the elements/dust etc. If you live in a coastal environment, the curtain must be cleaned on a more regular basis to avoid damage from the salt in the air and potentially harsher weather conditions.

Step 1

Clean off the worst of the cobwebs or dirt/dust from the external face of the door with a soft brush (e.g. from your dustpan and brush). 

Step 2

Fill a bucket with warm water and add a small amount of non-abrasive, mild cleaning solution. Some of our customers use an eco-friendly washing up liquid like ‘Ecover’ which works well, is mild and gentle and is kind to the environment. Wash the external curtain and frame with a soft cloth. We recommend using a microfibre noodle wash mitt or something soft you would wash a car with. 

Step 3

Thoroughly rinse the door with fresh warm/cold clean water until all of the soap has been removed.  Dry the external curtain and frame with a clean, lint-free tea towel or soft cloth to remove the water droplets.  Leave to air dry before operating your door.

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